TK Ramanuja Kavirajar the legend

Kavithendral TK Ramanuja Kavirajar B.A., B.L. [1905 - 1985] born in Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu was a gifted Indian poet, writer, playwright and humanitarian. Equally gifted in both English and Tamil he was capable of writing commentaries on Shakespeare’s plays even while at school. He started penning his poems in chaste language, even before he entered his teens. Kavirajar had massive appetite for literary creations. Apart from the epic mentioned, he has produced thirteen more books in Tamil and five in English. Lyrics of Life [Poems], Mudin [Drama in verse], Mathematics and Man, Mahatma Gandhi [Drama] are a few of his works in English for humanity. All his works cherished humanism, morals and nobility. Kavirajar was duly honoured with a title "Kavithendral" and award by the Nammakal Kavignar award committee for his literary services. Kavirajar’s poetic heart pencilled itself through his philanthropic activities as well. His household served food for the hungry, round the clock. He extended timely help to people, irrespective of their roots, without much fanfare, in nexus to their health, education and life. Despite being a man of wealthy means, Kavirajar, a teetotaller, led a very simple life based on Gandhian values. He dressed like a peasant, ate pure vegetarian food and cared a naught for luxuries.

Humility is Divinity

Happy be the Christmas day
With sincere love and reverence pray
When the lord our saviour Christ was born
To save frail man from sin forlorn
The star was bright and winds full blew
In radiant light good angels flew
And spoke to shepherds on the lawn
Strewn with dew like pearls that shone
No Palace great or lordly dome
Our saviour chose for his happy home
For sin is there in lofty pride
Trampling down the toiling tide

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